Please note NEW appointment hours as below. There are no changes to our phone answering schedule.

We require ALL patients to wear a mask to their in-office appointment. 

Photos can provide valuable information enhancing the diagnosis and/or triage of certain medical conditions assessed by virtual care. Click here for tips on taking quality photos for virtual care.

Upload photos only if requested & with your consent to the secure physician portal on this website's home page. Click here for step by step instructions.

Patients registered with Health Myself Online Booking  may also submit photos via the SMS on their account.


Click here to access the ON Health COVID-19 SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL.This tool is not to be used as medical advice but may be used as a guide.If you  are having difficulty breathing or severe symptoms call 911.



To reduce the spread of COVID-19, we offer virtual visits for non-urgent medical issues.  

Contact the office and you will be booked for an in-office, secure video or phone visit depending on the condition at hand.

Click here for information on accessing your medical care.


Information & Guidelines:

Please call my office (613-725-2334) OR Ottawa Public Health (613-580-6744) for directions on obtaining testing or use the Self Assessment Tool on this site.


SHINGRIX, the new vaccine protecting against shingles is available here for adults 50 and older even if you have previously had shingles and/or the the older Zostavax vaccine. Now insured by the Ministry of Health for all individuals 65 - 70 years old. Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn more.  I highly recommend you register for online booking which will also help facilitate virtual visits. If you have not already received an invitation to register or have problems registering, please contact the office & staff will assist you in the registration process.