E-MAIL/PHONE REQUESTS:  Please note that  I am unable to respond to patient telephone and/or email requests for:  laboratory/diagnostic requisitions, test results, advice, recommendations or assessments.  These are availalbe to you by appointment.  I will send results to you at your request during your appointment after review.  Requisitions will be given at your booked appointment after you have been assessed as specific tests may need to be ordered based on your visit  findings.   You will be contacted about any abnormal result  for an appointment to review.  You may also book an appointment to review any (normal) test results however I do not routinely call to notify you of normal results.  If you require a copy of your chart or portion thereof, a chart transfer fee will apply as set by the OMA guidelines as posted in the Service section under Uninsured Fees

APPOINTMENT REMINDERS are sent by e-mail whether you book online or  by phone.   Please go to the online booking drop down to review secure messaging policies.   Please keep your records up to date with a current email address to ensure notification.   Our "no show" policy is still in effect.  To avoid charges for missed appointments, please cancel 24 hours in advance of your appointment if unable to keep a visit.  This ensures that someone who may be waiting will be seen in this free spot.

BLOOD WORK: I strongly encourage that all blood work be carried out at any branch of Gamma Dynacare Laboratories. Results from this lab ONLY are received electronically enabling faster processing, graphing & storage in electronic tables for easy visualization at your appointments.  To find a lab close to you visit: https://www.dynacare.ca

CHECK UP FREQUENCY is now set at every 2 years for ages 19-35 & >74, every 18 mos ages 36-74 and yearly for those aged 2-17 yrs.  Well baby checks occur at: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 13,15,18 months. This will enable provincially recommended screening tests and/or immunizations to be carried out at standard intervals.

VISITS are by appointment only. These are scheduled with me except when I am away. In this instance, you will be offered an appointment with the covering physician if the matter is urgent.   A scheduled appointment reserves this time for you. If unable to attend, please call to cancel so that other sick patients may be seen in that time slot. Missed appointments without cancellation or due to compassionate reasons will be billed directly to you.

ALLERGY SHOTS are provided in the office by appointment to ensure prompt service.  It is mandatory to wait a half hour after a shot to ensure your safety from possible lethal reaction.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in withdrawal of this service.

PRESCRIPTIONS are renewed by appointment only. Adequate renewals are provided  for one year if the medical condition for which the medication is being supplied is stable.   It is your responsibility to book an appointment for renewals when you are on your last repeat. Under certain circumstances a telephone renewal may be carried out with a charge as this is not covered by the MOH.

TEST RESULTS are reviewed by the doctor upon their arrival. Any abnormal results will be reviewed with you by appointment. Results can not be given over the phone nor by secure messaging via the Health Myself Portal  as they do require explanation in person. Notification is generally not made for normal results however you may book an appointment to review these.

OHIP INSURED SERVICES require a current, valid health card presented at each visit. Lack of a valid health card will result in charges directly to you with reimbursement once a card is presented.  Services not covered by OHIP are billed directly to you with payment accepted by  cash, VISA, MASTERCARD or INTERAC. Cheques are not accepted. To view a list of fees, click here or view under  SERVICES section.



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